Jingsketch Tutorials Volume 1: Autumn

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Autumn 🍁

Level up your art and learn how I illustrate with this comprehensive tutorial bundle. An interactive eBook/PDF covers 8 of my favorite illustrations, where I discuss the approaches, techniques, and theories behind every piece. A step-by-step overview breaks down my workflow and teaches you I paint in my style. Swipe between images to see these illustrations at different stages of painting, perfectly optimized for Apple Books.

In addition, you will receive my original Procreate and PSD files. With these files, you can watch video replays to further understand how I approach painting, play around with different layers, and find interesting Easter Eggs.

This tutorial is meant for artists of all skill levels. A basic understanding of digital art is helpful (ie. layers, blending modes).

About Me 🎨

As a professional artist, my clients include Crunchyroll, Plaid Hat Games, Use All Five, and more. Throughout my work, I was able to find a style that I was comfortable with. My goal is for you to understand how to approach painting in an efficient way. This tutorial will be helpful for beginners and experts alike who want to broaden their scope.

Happy Artists ❤️

"I've been using Procreate for a couple years now, but have always struggled to find a workflow that I'm comfortable with. This tutorial is very clear, thorough, and easy to follow, allowing me to incorporate many of the techniques into my own art style. I used to only use Procreate for sketching, but I've now been inspired to create even more ambitious illustrations."


"The Volume 1: Autumn Tutorial is short and sweet, but detailed enough to understand the concepts being taught. The beautiful process pictures included help a lot with understanding and ease of following the tutorials. Love it!"

Jonny Rogers

"Not only do we see how the sketch starts and progresses... but [we] also learn some theory behind thoughtful storytelling in art. The detailed techniques will also enable you to learn exactly how his realistic stylized lighting effects are achieved. Overall, a really valuable and special resource for any digital artist. Highly recommended!"

Shivan Parusnath

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Your happiness is my number one priority. If you have a problem within the first 7 days, I'll solve it, refund it, replace it, or whatever it takes to ensure you walk away happy.

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Jingsketch Tutorials Volume 1: Autumn

71 ratings
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