Jingsketch Mini Tutorial: Basics + Lighting

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Basics 📚

Learn my basic approach to painting with this mini tutorial. I discuss the steps I take when creating and setting up my paintings. You'll learn how to organize your painting process and how to use different layer blending modes effectively.

This mini tutorial is a small excerpt of Volume 1: Autumn.

Lighting 💡

Discover how I painted the portrait shown in the cover with different lighting setups. It's an incredibly simple and reproducible technique. What are you waiting for? Start experimenting, and implement this technique in your own art!

This mini tutorial is a small excerpt of Volume 2: Spring.

About Me 🎨

Today, over 507,924 artists use my brushes, full-length tutorials, and resources worldwide.

As a lead artist for Plaid Hat Games, I created character and environmental illustrations for their games Comanauts, Aftermath, and Battlelands. I've worked on projects with Crunchyroll, Use All Five, and I've illustrated publications within numerous medical journals, including Nature Scientific Reports, Journal of Neurosurgery, and World Neurosurgery.

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Jingsketch Mini Tutorial: Basics + Lighting

1317 ratings
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