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Stop overthinking your art.

Get everything you need to improve your work and succeed in one elegant bundle, without the resource overload.

  • Powerful industry-standard tools. Effortlessly command Procreate and Photoshop with brushes and palettes trusted by artists at Pixar, Epic Games, Gearbox, Mattel, and more.
  • Interactive tutorial books. Discover time-saving approaches to digital painting with interactive tutorials.
  • Exclusive art files and videos. Explore and understand the inner workings of complex illustrations with my personal files and process videos.
  • Improve your art and productivity. Unleash new possibilities in your workflow and see visible improvements in your art, guaranteed.

"For anyone second guessing this, don't. It will be the best investment you will make when it comes to digital art." — Otero Studios

What's Included ✍️

Best-selling resources fueling 100,000+ artists worldwide.

  • Procreate Brush Collection – 50+ time-saving brushes and 5 color palettes used by professional and aspiring artists around the world. Easy to use and suitable for any art style.
  • Harmonics Brush Collection – An entirely new Jingsketch brush collection with refreshing new shapes, textures, and an exciting new color blending approach.
  • Photoshop Brush Collection – The same game-changing brushes remade for Photoshop. Effortlessly use both Procreate and Photoshop without worrying about your tools ever again.
  • Tutorials Volume 1: Autumn – An interactive tutorial book that explains my approaches to painting. Includes 8 original art files and videos to explore.
  • Tutorials Volume 2: Spring – An expansion on my techniques with a focus on lighting and rendering. Includes 6 original art files and videos to explore.
  • Jingsketch Illustration Files – A massive collection of 45 of my original art files and videos. See which illustrations are included here.

About Me 🎨

Today, over 507,984 artists around the world use my brushes and tutorials to create amazing artwork. As a lead artist for Plaid Hat Games, I created character and environmental illustrations for their games Comanauts, Aftermath, and Battlelands. I've worked on projects with Crunchyroll, Use All Five, and I've illustrated publications within numerous medical journals, including Nature Scientific Reports, Journal of Neurosurgery, and World Neurosurgery.

Happy Artists ❤️

1677+ ratings and reviews

"In case anyone’s on the fence, this paid set is a bargain. As a very tactile/physical-minded artist, these are the first digital brushes that I’ve ever immediately clicked with. They’ve helped me start to creatively think in new ways, and I use them all the time. Buy ‘em."

Will Pierce

"I’ve never really stumbled upon or learned all these things in art school and it’s amazing to see... not only am I getting good insight into a process, I’m also opening my mind up to new and complex ideas as well as learning how to execute them properly. I’ve already recommended this to so many friends of mine, artists alike!"

Marielle Juan

"My favorite part was the interactivity of the tutorials, from the ePUB that allowed me to swipe between process images to the Procreate files that allowed me to study your process from start to finish. P.S. the seizure warning in ‘Moles’ was also unexpected and such fun!"

Dominic On (Dominic Draws)

"For anyone second guessing this, don't. It will be the best investment you will make when it comes to digital art."

Otero Studios

"These are completely art-changing. The first few days with them, I made almost 6 portraits, and it was the most enjoyable digital art-making process so far."


Limited Exclusive 🚀

All Access+ is available for a limited time and will be discontinued in the future. Get it today to save over 50% compared to purchasing everything individually.

Happiness Guarantee ⭐️

Your happiness is my number one priority. If you have a problem within the first 7 days, I'll solve it, exchange it, refund it, or whatever it takes to ensure you walk away happy.

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What's included...

Sketch Brushes
Paint Brushes
Smudge Brushes
Soft Brushes
Texture Brushes
Harmonics Brushes
Color Palettes
Tutorial Books
Procreate Files
Process Videos
PSD Files
Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio (Limited)
Commercial Use
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Jingsketch All Access+

1930 ratings
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